Island Hopping na Filipínách

ostrovní poskakování


Here are the tour packages we offer by region:



Palawan is a long, thin island in the center far left of the country (circled in red above – pointing to a closeup to the right). The cream of the crop is a:

multiday private or group tour between Sibaltan (El Nido) and Coron

This includes the most popular sites in Coron but none of the sites in El Nido, for which which reason we also offer

private single day boat tour in El Nido
private single day boat tour in Coron

There are many more sites to see around Coron besides those popular ones included in our multiday tour, such as

group diving tour in Coron

If you have more time, you can try further south in

Port Barton


land tour in Sibaltan

or if you have even more time, or you can focus your time in the beautiful



Lots to see in this area but we plan to explore it ourselves like Palawan above before we offer any tours here. In the meantime we live on the island of Guimaras and have explored that and Panay Island (including Boracay) extensively. 

Guimaras, Panay Island, Boracay five day plan

We will continue to add to these packages but if you have any questions feel free to pošlete nám poznámku.